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4,500 medical plants get ID in Tibet
A general survey at 30 counties in southwest China’s Tibet has collected more than 4,500 types of local plants, including medicinal plants, in which more than 120 kinds of them are given an investigative priority by the central government.

Quality control set for endangered Tibetan medicine 2015-08-07
Medicine experts in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region have announced a quality evaluation standard for Mirabilis Himalaica, an endangered herb used in Tibetan medicine to promote urination and treat many kidney related diseases.
Free hospital to be built in Qamdo 2011-06-18
Recently, Han Hong, a Tibetan pop singer told our reporter that she will donate nearly 6 million yuan in building a free hospital in her hometown -----Qamdo, which will be called "Han Hong love centre of regaining sight ".
Nurse tough stuff 2011-06-15
Despite suffering four diseases, 23 scars and 17 brushes with death in one of Tibet's most ferocious environments, Peng Yan remains committed to her work. Yang Guang reports.
7 Tibetan children with heart disease cured in Beijing 2011-06-13
Seven Tibetan children with congenital heart diseases had operation successfully in Beijing Meitan General Hospital.
The pulse of Tibetan medicine 2011-06-01
As a boy, Nyima was shocked the first time he saw his father diagnose an illness by reading someone's pulse.
Tibetan nuns in Beijing for training, health check 2011-05-28
Twenty Tibetan Buddhist nuns have started a one-week training program in Beijing that will also involve visits to world-famous tourist attractions as well as health checks, according to the All-China Women's Federation (ACWF) Friday.
Tibetan women to enjoy free eugenic health service 2011-05-27
The starting ceremony the experimental work of offering free pregestational medical checks was held in Namling County, Shigatse Prefecture of Tibet Autonomous Region on May 15.
Great development of medical conditions in Tibet 2011-05-20
In the old Tibet, there were no modern medical institutions in Tibet, except for some small, shabby government-run organizations of Tibetan medicine and private clinics, with fewer than 100 medical personnel in total.
Lhasa offers free vaccination for infants 2011-05-06
From May 5 to 10, Lhasa, capital city of Tibet Autonomous Region has started to provide free vaccination for infants against poliomyelitis.
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