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Peaceful liberation of Tibet
In April 1951, the local authorities of Tibet sent a plenipotentiary delegation led by Ngapoi Ngawang Jigme to Beijing for talks on the peaceful liberation of Tibet.

Tibet's path to democracy 2011-05-26
Freedom from feudal autocracy means everyone in the region enjoys equal rights and shares self-governance The peaceful liberation of Tibet 60 years ago marked a historic turning point as it ended the millenniums-long feudal autocracy and opened the door to a new epoch for the region.
Milestone in Tibet 2011-05-23
As the Tibet autonomous region celebrates the 60th anniversary of its peaceful liberation, Dharamshala and its sympathizers exhibit an intense fear of looking history in the eye.
Rebirth of the lama kingdom 2011-05-23
At the foot of the stunning red-and-white Potala Palace, under the five-star flag, pilgrims prostrate themselves on the ground, falling to their knees and then lying flat on their stomachs.
Old memories: changes of cinema in Lhasa 2009-09-22
60 years ago, only Shanghai and other major cities owned cinemas, and the Chinese film market was not open for common people.
Old photos record Tibet's history 2009-09-03
Many Tibetan families have such albums containing photos which are yellowing as time goes by. These photos, more punchy than words, have shown the pace of social changes and the historical context.
Old memory: Qinghai-Tibet, Sichuan-Tibet highways opened to traffic 2009-08-20
A gala with people of different ethnic groups from Tibet, Sichuan and Qinghai in attendance was held on December 25, 1954 to celebrate the Qinghai-Tibet, Sichuan-Tibet highways officially opened to traffic.
Tibet in file photos 2009-08-17
The Qinghai-Tibet Railway which was put into operation on July 1st, 2006, plays significant role in driving and accelerating the economy in Tibet Autonomous Region.
Old memory: Peaceful liberation and democratic reform in Tibet 2009-08-14
Old pictures witness the course of peaceful liberation and democratic reform in Tibet.
Review of Chairman Mao's instructions on work in Tibet 2009-05-19
Sweeping changes have taken place in Tibet since its peaceful liberation 50 years ago.
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