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A Tibetan street in southwest China
Bonkho Street is a typical street of Tibetan-style.
Located in Luohuo County in the Garze Tibetan autonomous prefecture, southwest China's Sichuan Province, the street is where nearby residents and farmers and herders around it shop for daily necessities and where the main buildings sit, just like most small towns of China.
On the street, one can see the Qiuri River faraway and an exquisite landscape wall shining under the bright plateau sun.
With Water bars, wine bars, supermarkets, restaurants, tea houses, beauty and hair salons abounded along the street, it would be hard to believe this is a small town on the plateau if it were not for the sutra wheels and the numerous Tibetan-style ornaments on those buildings. 
While several elders turning sutra wheels and chanting mantras are lounging on the street, several others are enjoying a leisure chat by the tea. And one mom along with her daughter is going back home with shopping bags full.
When you walk into Xianghe Grains, Oil, and Vegetables Supermarket, the shopkeeper is busy with her business.  The shelves are full of a wide array of products.
She said gladly while giving the changes to a customer, "I’m a local, and ran a store here before. Back then, the street was dirty and messy, and you’d get muddy on rainy days and dusty on sunny days. There were no customers, and my business suffered. I only made a little more than 1,000 yuan (151 US dollars) every month, and it wasn’t enough to support my family. In 2016, when the walking street was built, everything changed. Since we’re next to the plaza, a number of locals and tourists shop here. My store may look small, but I make more than 5,000 yuan (756 US dollars) a month!"
Fruits like apples, pears, kiwis, coconuts, bananas, watermelons, and durians could all be found in this remote plateau town.
The most popular coffeehouse here is 4FUN. At 11 am, the owner, Drolma, is skillfully making coffee for customers. The rich scent of coffee permeates the shop and several customers are chatting quietly.
Inside the shop, a mural featuring the painted deer on the wall and the low-hanging ceiling lamps make the space look fashionable and artsy.
Drolma said her shop is newly moved here,   for the environment here is better and the customers is more, especially at night when there are a great many people dancing and singing and having fun around the nearby plaza. 
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