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From: China Tibet Online 2011-12-20 13:15:00
by: Rachel Wang
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Changing concept of employment: college graduates

2011 Lhasa job fair for Tibetan college graduates,photo taken on Dec.18 (Photo/Xinhuanet.cn)
Lhasa 2011  job fair for Tibetan college graduates,photo taken on Dec.18 [Photo/Xinhuanet.cn]

Yeshe is a recent college graduate from Naqu Prefecture, north of Tibet. He just failed in the exam of Tibet local civil servant examination and was lingering for quite a while in front of a billboard of a company from outside of Tibet.

"There might be more job opportunities in other parts of the country. And I can learn more, too.”

He also said if he were offered a stable and well-paid job, he would give up the civil service examination.

Yeshe is only one of the numerous young job seekers at the job fair held by Tibet Vocational Technical College on Dec.18. Over 100 enterprises and public institutions offered 4,000 job openings.

From the planned employment of college graduates more than two decades ago to mutual selection between employers and employees, and to the market-oriented employment mode in the last ten years, Tibetan college graduates are no exception in following this mode in China. However, Tibetan college graduates have their own concerns.

The main interest is public service employees, jobs matching their specialties and career goals. Meanwhile, jobs outside Tibet and ambitions of starting up business are also their within their consideration.

Bazan and Khandro , applied for the position of technicians in Tibet Telecom and a kindergarten as a computer teacher respectively.

Bazan said, “It’s better to find a job about my major, because I am afraid that I can’t be competent enough for other jobs.”

Dawa Cering, who just graduated from a vocational and technical college in Hubei, came all the way to the job fair from Shigatse.

"Although I had advanced education in an inland school, I wanna land a job in Tibet where my families live.”

He was still pondering between taking a civil service examination and starting his own business. In his mind, civil servant is a stable job, "but I am still young,  I wanna have a try to start my own business.”

To promote Tibet’s employment, Tibet local government has put forward numerous favorable policies for college students, such as increasing recruitment of civil servants, granting bonus for enterprises and public institutions , offering subsidies of social security for nonpublic enterprises and medium-sized and small enterprises to help graduates to open up more opportunities to land jobs, according to Yao Ruifeng, head of Human Resource and Social Security Department of Tibet Autonomous Region.

Students fill the forms to apply for jobsphoto taken on Dec.18 (Photo/Xinhuanet.cn)
Students fill the forms to apply for jobs,photo taken on Dec.18 [Photo/Xinhuanet.cn]


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