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Snapshots of art performances at Nagqu's horse racing festival
Herdsmen perform various art shows to celebrate the horse racing art festival in Tibet's Nagqu on August 10.

N Tibet's Nagqu holds horse racing art festival 2011-08-12
Herdsmen from across Nagqu Prefecture celebrated traditional festival titled Changtang (North Tibet) Qachen Horse Racing Art Festival on August 10.
Sagya Dawa Festival: ritual walks peak season 2011-06-16
The Tibet Autonomous Region welcomed the peak of the Sagya Dawa Festival,a traditional and religious festival marking the birth and the attainment of nirvana of Sakyamuni on June 15 (April 15 on Tibetan calendar).
Tibetan culture shines in Sagya Dawa Festival 2011-06-09
The pious Tibetans welcomed its annual Sagya Dawa Festival on sunny June 2, the first day of the 4th month on the traditional Tibetan calendar.
Tibet celebrates 'Sagya Dawa Festival' 2011-06-03
On Tibetan calendar, April 1st (June 2) is the first day of traditional Sagya Dawa Festival, which will last for 15 days. It was said April 15 on Tibet calendar is Sakyamuni's day of birth, Nirvana and being the Buddha.
Evening of Sagya Dawa Festival 2011-07-06
The picture shows the wonderful evening of the Sagya Dawa Festival, which is to mark the birth and the attainment of nirvana of Sakyamuni.
Tibetans start their New Year celebrations 2011-03-05
Firecrackers and prayer flags, Tibetan and Mandarin Chinese food, Buddhist rituals, singing and dancing -- together all indicate that Losar, the Tibetan New Year, is just around the corner.
Dama Festival in Gyangze 2010-12-21
The Dama Festival has been celebrated as a traditional ethnic festival with more than a history of 500 years in Gyangze County, Shigatse Prefecture in Tibet Autonomous Region.
Tibetan pilgrims celebrate Tsongkapa Butter Lamp Festival 2010-12-02
Thousands of Tibetan pilgrims celebrate the Tsongkapa Butter Lamp Festival on December 1 in Lhasa, capital city of Tibet Autonomous Region.
Tsongkapa Butter Lamp Festival lights up Lhasa 2010-12-02
As the Tsongkapa Butter Lamp Festival falls on the 26th of the tenth month on the Tibetan calendar this year, the whole city of Lhasa was lit up by numerous butter lamps on window sills, streets, balconies and monasteries. Tens of thousands of people were flocking around the Barkor streets to celebrate the grand festival from around 6:00 pm till late 11pm on the day, reported by Jan in Lhasa from China Tibet Online on Dec.1.
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