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From: China Tibet Online 2012-06-26 14:37:00
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Tibetan culture shows rising vitality

Tibetan ethnic culture thrives with increasing vitality despite that the Dalai Lama side's "cultural genocide" rumor. Keeping its native characteristics built in over a thousand of years on the "Roof of the World", the Tibetan culture is gaining popularity from across the world today.

The Tibetans are willing to show their cultural progress and achievement to people at home and abroad, telling them that the real Tibet is different from what the Dalai Clique tells and what the US media reports.

Tibetans, the real masters of Tibet, have been protecting and developing Tibetan culture, and enjoying the achievements of cultural boom since the peaceful liberation of the land in 1951.

In old Tibet, all cultural resources were controlled by the officials, aristocrats and senior monks. The serfs were only "talking" instruments and had no right to enjoy cultural life.

The prosperous Tibetan culture is all attributed to the efforts of Tibetans and the great support from the Central Government of China.

The Central Government of China has invested more than 40 million yuan in the protection and inheritance of Tibetan culture in the past 7 years, in terms of cultural data collection and classification, cultural exchanges and trainings, activities on cultural inheritance as well as renovation of cultural sites, said an official in Tibet Cultural Bureau.

Tibet has discovered almost 800 intangible cultural items after a series of surveys and now boasts 2 cultural items listed as representative works of the UN's human intangible cultural heritages, 76 state-level and 222 prefectural-level intangible cultural heritage items, according to the regional cultural authorities.

However, since the 14th Dalai Lama fled abroad, he and his followers have been defaming the great cultural achievement in Tibet and even made the "cultural genocide" claim, slandering the Chinese government.

Facts prove that the Dalai Clique never care about Tibetan culture and its development, but the supreme privilege and interest of the theocratic rule in old Tibet.

The US also turned a blind eye to the cultural progress in Tibet, and said "Even in areas officially designated as 'autonomous', Tibetans generally lacked the right to play a meaningful role in the protection of their cultural heritage" in the recent Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2011.

"Human rights" and "Tibetan culture" are the two cards international anti-China forces always use to support "Tibet Independence". The Dalai Clique, in order to repay the support of some Western forces, has to create troubles by spreading rumors and false reports against China.

But, facts are facts which will make lies and rumors of the Dalai Clique and some Western forces in vain and expose their true plot of "Tibet Independence" in broad daylight.


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