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From: China.org.cn 2012-04-10 08:20:00
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Sagya Monastery

Sagya Monastery is the main temple of the Sagya section of Tibetan Buddhism.
Sagya Monastery is the main temple of the Sagya section of Tibetan Buddhism. [Photo/ China.org.cn]

Located at Sagya County, Tibet Autonomous Region, Sagya Monastery is the main temple of the Sagya section of Tibetan Buddhism. Sagya Monastery is famous because of its gray-white soil. In Tibetan language, Sagya means "gray soil". It was built in 1073 in the Northern Song Dynasty by a local nobleman.

Since it is divided into two parts by the Zhongqu River, it is called South Sagya Temple and North Sagya Temple and consists of more than 40 buildings. The construction of Sagya Monastery features a unique architectural style. The South Sagya Temple covers an area of 14760 square meters and the main hall covers an area of 5775 square meters. It looks like a defensive wall in the Han architectural style.

Sagya Temple has long played an important role in history, and it is home to historical records, Buddhist sculpture, ancient clothing, frescos and more than 3,000 items of thang-kas (painted or embroidered Buddhist banners).

Travel tips:

- Hours: 9 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.

- Admission: 50 yuan

- How to get there: take a bus at the Xigaze Bus Station (tickets cost 45 yuan/person.)

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