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Religious Tibetans get pensions and medicare

Religious practitioners in Tibet can now pay into a social insurance plan.[Photo/Chinanews.com]
Religious practitioners in Tibet can now pay into a social insurance plan.[Photo/Chinanews.com]


Religious practitioners in Tibet can now pay into a social insurance plan. Having come into effect at the start of the year, the plan says monks and nuns over 18 year old, if they want to, can pay for social insurance which covers medical care and pensions.

Taken care by the law brings a stronger sense of security for these elders. Qiangjiu is one of the beneficiaries.

The 68 year old monk has long been practicing in Sera Monastery, one of the three most famous Tibetan Buddhist Monasteries in Lhasa. Though he enjoys good health in general, he’s very happy not to have to worry about getting sick as he gets older.

Qiangjiu, a monk in Sera Monastery, said, "I can go and see the doctor for free with this. It’s great. We’re very happy."

According to the regulation, each religious practitioner is charged 280 yuan per month - 220 yuan of this is paid by the local government.

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