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From: China Tibet Online 2012-02-29 10:01:00
by: Rachel Wang, Pengzhu Norbu
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The call of the Himalayas

We will never forget the Olympic torch burning on the Himalayas. The development of Tibet calls for talents, and only through that, the Himalayas can take on a new look. 

In 1985, Chinese central government made a decision to host Tibetan schools (classes) in inland China so as to accelerate the pace to cultivate more talents for Tibet.

Since then, flocks of eyas have come from the snowy plateau and grown up stronger in inland China.

In the hearts of our Tibetan children who have studied in inland schools, the school is our second home where our teachers serve as our mothers and fathers .

But whenever you ask any of us: "are you going to go back to Tibet or stay in inland after the graduation?" We will answer you with one voice: "back to Tibet, back home!"

Once, a Canadian friend asked one of my classmates: "you are living in inland where living conditions are much better than those of Tibet, then why do you insist to go back?" she replied: "we shoulder a heavy burden of our old generations. We leave our hometown only for going back and developing it. The call of the Himalayas is always around my ears."

In Beijing Tibetan High School, students are from over 60 counties of seven regions of Tibet (Lhasa city, Nagqu Prefecture, Ngari Prefecture,Shigatse Prefecture, Lhoka Prefecture, Chamdo Prefecture and Nyingchi Prefecture). There are nearly 700 students in junior high and senior high departments.

On arriving in Beijing, most of us didn’t understand Mandarin characters, and our spoken Mandarin was even worse.

Thanks to the caring and helping of Beijing teachers, we achieved great improvement in academic performance. After four years of hardworking, we took part in the Unified Examination organized by Beijing educational department, and our Chinese (Mandarin written skill) scores exceeded the average score of Beijing students.

We achieved lots of the "first" in China: the first Tibetan student meeting the score of inland junior college, the first Tibetan student meeting the score of inland university, the first Tibetan student admitted by Tsing Hua University, the first student whose mark of college entrance examination passed 500, etc.

On the other hand, our school didn’t want us to be geeks, but ask us to develop in an all around way. We had rich extracurricular life: filming, playing drama, dancing, playing musical instruments, playing chess, etc.

We are the new generation who are to build a new Tibet, whose glorious future lies in our hands. This is our response to the call of the Himalayas.

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