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From: China Tibet Online 2012-02-27 15:56:00
by: Vicky Li
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Foreigners celebrate Tibetan New Year

Playing the game "Gesture Riddle".[photo/Ecns.cn]
Playing the game "Gesture Riddle".[photo/Ecns.cn]

"This is the first time for me to celebrate Tibetan New Year and I find Tibetans really hospitable here. I bought myself a Tibetan costume, which is fantastic." Gongzi told the reporter excitedly.

Together with other 9 friends, Gongzi, a Japanese student in Tibet University came to their Tibetan teacher’s home for the celebration of Tibetan

New Year on Feb.23.They followed the traditional customs of local Tibetans, for example, when entering the house, they splashed barley grain in front of chemar, a two-tier rectangular wooden box containing roasted barley and food prepared with butter.

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