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From: Let's Travel Tibet 2011-05-10 16:42:00
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Taboos for travelling Tibet

The Tibetans are among the easiest people to get along with in Asia, however, considering the unique culture and religion, please keep in mind the taboos below when you travel in Tibet.

Taboos on diet

Tibetan people, especially the initiated Buddhists do not kill living things. They don't kill cows or sheep although they eat beef and mutton. Tibetan people do not take horse, dog and donkey meat and also do not eat fish in some areas, so please respect their diet habits.

Generally, Tibetans do not eat fish, shrimps, chickens and eggs. At dinner, do not eat mouthful. Do not chew your food noisily. Drink soup without noises.

Taboos on social courtesies

Let the guests or the elderly people go first when you walk together with them. When you talk, use hono2rific expressions. When you address somebody, please add "la" behind the name to express respects. When greeting or seeing off a guest, smile at him while you bend your body forward and bend your knees. If you are asked to sit down, please cross your legs, do not stretch your legs forward and face your sole to others. Do not gaze around casually.

You should accept the gift with both hands. While presenting the gift, you should bend your body forward and hold the gift higher than your head with both hands.

While offering tea, wine or cigarette, you should offer them by both hands and do not tough the inside of the bowl with any of your fingers. When the host presents you a cup of wine, you should dip your ring finger in the wine and flick the wine in the air three times to express your respects to the heaven, the earth and the ancestors before sipping the wine. The host will fill the cup, and you take a sip of the wine again. After the host fills your cup for the fourth time, you have to bottom it up. When the host presents you a cup of ghee tea, you should wait until the host holds the cup with both hands to you and take the tea. Do not accept things or give things to others with one hand. When the host fills the cup, you should lower the cup a little with both hands to show respect.

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