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From: China Tibet Online 2011-08-16 13:43:00
by: Katherine
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Singer’s volunteer program donates cataract treatment center at Chamdo

Singer Han Hong at the donation ceremony.
Singer Han Hong at the donation ceremony. [Photo/ Sina]

The volunteer program "Han Hong•Charity Journey to Tibet" initiated by the Tibetan singer Han Hong arrived at the first stop, Han's hometown---Chamdo in the southeast of Tibet Autonomous Region.

On August 14, the program held a donation ceremony, announcing to contribute an eyesight rehabilitation center for local cataract patients and a "healthcare center" to popularize and improve medical and health knowledge awareness among local Tibetans.

As learnt, two cataract surgeries were immediately performed after the opening of the cataract treatment center.

The charity action gathered over 100 kindhearted volunteers for the nearly-one-month trip on the highland area. The endowment worth up to eight million yuan ranges from medical service to education. Chamdo, is the first stop of thousand miles journey.

"I was born a Tibetan daughter and Chamdo is my hometown forever," Han Hong said at the ceremony. Though catching a serious cold, Han insisted on attending the ceremony and presented a song for her hometown.

Han Hong said that she has been told by her parents to be grateful and repay her hometown fellows when she grew up ever since a very young age, "This is the best way for me to do something for Chamdo and to fulfill my filial duty," she said.

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